Epiphanies at 3 O’Clock in the Morning

You start life as a baby. You don’t know where you just came from, or even out of, because you are so, so young with no real understanding of the world you have just entered into. Your parents embrace you in their arms and they go on to teach you everything they know. Assuming they are normal, your parents go on to unleash a torrent of information onto you for your own good. They love you, and so they want you to be well versed in being a human being – but they also want you to be careful. They cherish their new baby as they would a gold mine and they invest into it so much of their time and effort – losing you would be catastrophic to their existence. Your parents, if they are sane, will go on to protect you for the rest of your younger years, keeping you safe from harm and bad experiences they already took part of and want none of anymore. You are undoubtedly shaped by your parents, and as much as they love you, you must understand that another parent would have raised you differently. You might have even been born into a different religion. Depending on which body your soul happened to snap into at birth, you would have become a different human being. Knowing this, would you really say that you are really you. Or is the you that you perceive from your perspective really just someone that has been nurtured to his or her current development stage. If you are able to see that you are just creation of past molding-sessions and experiences, would it be possible to take the paintbrush and start adding your personal touches?


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