Success in Life

Ever feel like every day is the same? You ever get that gut feeling that you should be doing more with your life? Like you have some higher purpose?

You think doing retail is your end-all-be-all? Maybe your doing some mundane paper-work at the office and have the impulsive temptation to just shred everything and go? But, where would you go? Unless you’re sitting on fortunes, you can’t leave. You’re tied down. You’re a slave to the system. You cannot escape… Or can you?

Thing is, before you even start thinking about quitting your job, you have to start thinking about your place in the world as you are at the moment. Depending on the operating system your brain is running, you may actually be the kind of person that enjoys taking orders from a manager. Maybe you’re the kind of person that looks forward to waiting 2 weeks before being handed money. Or maybe you’re not a “business” person and are afraid of starting your own business.

It doesn’t matter what you say or how you rationalize it to yourself, at the end of the day, you are either operating  in the system or you’re out of it. See, being in the system means you slave to an existing company or you answer to a “boss”. There is someone ‘above’ you telling you what to do, and if you don’t do it you risk losing your ‘stable’ place of enslavement. Or is it employment? Hard to tell the difference half the time…

But the point is, there is nothing holding you down to a job. Of course, I’d understand if you have a family and kids to feed, or maybe you live on your own and the rent must be paid. You gotta do what you gotta do… But! You really think that you will work there forever? Even if you have the option, would you? The answer is no because you are meant for greater things. And you know it. Even if you are getting paid 6 figures a year, you will have this gut feeling screaming, “There must be more than this!”

Because deep down you know that you have incredible potential in you just waiting to be unlocked. And if you don’t feel it now, you will feel it later. But then it may too late.

True success and fulfillment will only come out of you doing what you do best. You must use the time you have now to forget everything and everyone, and ask yourself a simple question: What do I love doing? Find what your passionate about, and make money out of it. But don’t focus on the money, focus instead on the value you’re giving to others. If you give people something of value, something that they need, they will pay you well for it. The first thing you have to discover is what you really enjoy doing – because whatever it is, I guarantee that you will be good at it. If it’s something that you truly enjoy, and you enjoy doing it often, you must have had hours of practice with it.. perfecting it…

Just as an example, maybe you took piano lessons all your life and now you want to start tutoring? Who knows, maybe you’ll rack up a nice amount of clients and the demand will require that you employ tutors under you.

It could be anything. Yes, you may start off by working for someone – most do – but at a certain point you must upgrade your mind’s operating system from OS Sheep to OS Lion. Once you leave “employment” there will be no paycheck waiting for you at the end of the bi-weekly rainbow. It’s all about you, and how well you take what is yours. No-one will hand you anything,. You must take it.

You think Bill Gates got to where he is by taking orders? By being passive and just working within the system? No. He broke free, and created a reality for himself in which he asserted control and did as he pleased. There will be haters, but let them hate. There will also be those that love you and ‘warn’ you of the dangers of going out on your own – but do you really want to stay inside the cave all your life? The world around you is so rich, so alive – you can be a part of it if you so desire… You can shape the world just as others do. Why are some successful and others not? Mentality.

Look at all the flourishing businesses all around the world. There are many of them. And if you look at any business, there is always a founder. The person who made it all happen. Took it from the baby steps, to the falling down the stairs and breaking 24 bones, up until overcoming all obstacles and ‘making it happen”. You will fall. A lot.

But the question is: How many times are you willing to get back up before you make it. Michael Jordan didn’t make his high-school varsity team. Steve Jobs was fired from apple. Albert Einstein’s teachers thought he was mentally retarded and he was literally expelled from school the same year. But what do all of these guys have in common? They didn’t stop. They were fearless, and bold. They didn’t give a shit about what anyone thought and they went for it.

Henry Ford says it best, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Oh, and by the way, Henry Ford went broke five times before successfully founding the Ford Motor Company…

Let nothing stop you.


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