Future Topics to Cover

On this page, I will list the subjects I plan to discuss. Email me anything you’d like me to cover: ibendelman@hotmail.com

– Corporations and their influence on who we are

– Learning from your dreams

– Seeing into someone’s mind using eye contact and being aware of their facial micro-expressions

– The human brain processes what you see in real life in the same place as it processes what you see when you imagine things with your eyes closed

– Not reacting to that of which is trying to get a reaction out of you

– Creating reactions in others and the world itself

– Making money while being happy

– Friend Slots: The limited space you have to fill up with close friends

– Treating strangers like you’ve known them for years

– Letting your subconscious bring matters up to your attention

– Realizing you are part animal, part awareness

– Controlling addictions

– Forming habits

– “Let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates the Philosopher

– Sculpting the body you desire

– Outlets of expression

– Living life as though it’s a video game and you are it’s main character

– In the future we will merge with technology (Cyborgs, 3D Printed tools, planes, organs, Super-Connectivity)

– Telepathy through Brain-Internet

– Altering our DNA

– Human-Animal Hybrids (creating Disney characters/creatures in real life)

– Brain implants to let us go into different dimensions using our thoughts

– Space Travel and living on other planets

– Meeting humans from a different planet

– Ancient Civilizations

– The closest you can get to supernatural powers (Man that doesn’t eat or sleep for years, Man that can withstand below freezing temperatures, Man that can’t be electrocuted, Mathematical and Linguistic Savants, etc)

– Allowing robots to take over our mundane tasks

– What if we learn to program a soul into a robot

– Discuss the Avatar project (uploading our conciosuness to the ‘cloud’, downloading ourselves into different bodies, different worlds, into dreams?)

– What if gods were really just technologically advanced super-humans (Zeus with his rod of lightning, etc)

– The after-life and the before-life, are they the same place?

– Morals, Loose-Morals, and No-Morals

– Using your personality vs your diploma to get you ahead in life

– Purposefully put yourself in potentially embarrassing situations – leave your comfort zone (go try doing stand-up comedy at an open-mic bar)

– Governments and their manipulative tactics (specific video examples of obvious lying)

– Religion and Self-Help groups

– Secret Weight Loss Trick: Stop Eating So Much

– Plants that help you see the world from a different perspective

– In some places on the planet doctors get paid if your not getting sick

– Energizing via the sun

– Attracting women

– Swapping services


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